Sompasaari Archive
Projet de Master EPFL, CH
August 2013
Jeanne Wery, Georg-Christoph Holz

Housing and commercial construction will fill the territory that 50 years earlier was abandoned by the inhabitants of two islands, Nihiti and Sompasaari, now burried under Helsinki’s former North harbor. In the mean time people have used the left over industrial area for a multitude of activities, far from the prescribed use of ordinary public space, they too will have to leave.
In reference to a fictional narrative, the project investigates the juxtaposition of the natural environment with the man made, industrialized territory. In this narrative, mutations first alter organisms on the former islands, later the landscape itself is transformed, bringing back the memory of the islands. The project proposes an antithesis to the Masterplan, eating its way into the formally rigid tissue of the planned city blocks. Within this zone of exceptions, people learn to harness the anomaly in order to generate wooden structures accommodating the Utopian vision they lived on the abandoned harbor.

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